Diagram Icons ~ Wulliam's Icons


This is my offering of icons in .bmp format. I hope they're of use to someone. I have used Jane's Census & Certificate Icons to make my own versions. I don't think I used anyone else's icons to develop my own.

It includes BMD, Census, Monumental Inscriptions (MI), and Wills all colour coded blue for Scotland, red for England, and green for Ireland, plus a few for Australia, Canada, and USA.

  1. Census: '01 through '91, also for the Irish Griffiths' valuation
  2. Marriage: allowing for up to 3 marriage certificates for each individual
  3. Twin and triplet icons
  4. Military: India, Boer, WW1, WW2, also WW1 query
  5. Occupations: sailor (anchor), minister (Bible), milliner (hat), bootmaker (cobbler), accountant (£ sign), gun maker (gun), blacksmith (horseshoe), musician (treble clef & note), police (helmet), nurse/doctor (red cross), scientist/engineer (symbol), pub landlord (tankard), teacher (wise owl with mortar board)

Census icons are 33x30 in size, everything else is 33x41.

Wulliam's Icons

I have also included 4 spacers of different sizes. I find them useful for nudging icons along and onto a new row. 1st row is for BMD, MI, Wills; 2nd row is for Census icons; 3rd row for Military and Occupations.

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below and save the ZIP file. Extract its BMP files to your Family Historian project folder, or the Family Historian Program Data Folder\Icons default folder.