Utility ~ Path Length Checker


Path Length Checker is a free stand-alone app that allows you to specify a root directory, and it gives you back a list of all paths (i.e. files and directories) in that root directory and their lengths. It includes features such as pattern matching and min/max length constraints, as well as the ability to specify a string that should replace the root directory in the results brought back, allowing you to quickly see path lengths if you were to move the files/folders to another location.

See https://github.com/deadlydog/PathLengthChecker/ for details.

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below and follow the download and installation instructions.


Path.Length.Checker ZIP file holding two executables.

In May 2018 the latest version was Path.Length.Checker.v1.1.1.zip which must be unpacked.

See Description for details of two executables that appear to be portable, so can be run without needing installation.