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Gedcom Publisher is a unique e-book publishing tool. It creates an e-book that includes information generated from GEDCOM data mixed with content that you provide, including text, images, and other content. It supports the EPUB3 format, and includes custom handling for EPUB books that will be converted to the MOBI format.

It is produced by John Cardinal, author of Second Site and GedSite. See https://www.gedcompublisher.com/ for details.

There are two related Google Groups for users: Gedcom Publisher Announcements for updates and Gedcom Publisher for discussions.

It is supported by the Export Gedcom File Plugin (GST) GedSite option, which supplies narrative Sentence Templates for Gedcom Publisher to utilise.

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below and follow the download and installation instructions.


Gedcom Publisher via Home Page link to Purchase details.