Utility ~ RJT Family Historian Converter


This program was originally developed to ease the export of Multimedia to phpgedview. However it has also proved a useful tool when sending data to non-Family Historian users, as it converts the advanced "part" image linking used by Family Historian to "simple" file linking suitable for use with less sophisticated programs.

RJT Family Historian Converter Screenshot


Although Family Historian uses completely valid GEDCOM, it uses custom extensions to store photograph information and box details. What this program does is to create a new GEDCOM file with all the pictures renamed and relocated in a media directory below the location you select for the exported file. It then creates a list of copy instructions for the free image manipulation system Utility ~ IrfanView and calls it to create copies of all the images connected to your GEDCOM file.

Visit website http://www.taubman.org.uk/family/wp/software/rjt-family-historian-converter/ for more details.

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Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the rjtfhcsetup.exe file, then double click this file to install it, which requires Windows Administrator privileges.