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This program has gone from its homepage, so it has been uploaded to the FHUG. It is freeware and does an excellent job of removing information from a GEDCOM for Living People, i.e. if one wanted to keep certain items private when sharing information. It is not in any way connected to fh, but it is one of the best "privacy tools" we have come across.

See an archive copy of the Res Privata 2007 homepage at Wayback Machine rpriv.html.

As with any global edit, always remember to back up your data first and work on a copy of your main file.

However, the fh V3, with its privacy settings, has decreased its benefits for some.

This program will not process fh V6 native GEDCOM files as they use Unicode UTF-16 or alternatively UTF-8 encoding. Use the File > Import/Export > Export > GEDCOM File command or Export Gedcom File plugin to produce an ANSI encoded file, which will be correctly processed, but any Unicode accented letters or symbols will be upset.

Res Privata Screenshot

Produced by admin (18/04/03) Updated by tatewise (03/11/10), Valkrider (13/01/19), and tatewise (20/02/19)

Installation Instructions

Click on 1st link below to download and save the rpriv32setup.exe file, then double click to install, which needs Windows Administrator privileges, but makes program available to all users.

Alternatively, click on 2nd link below to download and save the rpriv32.zip file, then extract all the files. See the Install.txt file for further install and uninstall instructions, that do not need Administrator privileges. The Rpriv32.exe and Rpriv32.hlp files may need right-click > Properties > Unblock to allow them to work correctly.

The Help commands do not work in any recent versions of Windows unless the fix given in V2/V3 Help Pages Refuse to Display is applied.


Res Privata Setup V2.2.1 for standard Windows install of License.txt, Readme.txt, Rpriv32.hlp & Rpriv32.exe.

Res Privata Zip V2.2.1 containing the same files, but needing no Windows Administrator privileges.

Does anyone have a copy of the latest V2.4.1 that they would donate?