Query:Individual ~ Related How


Does a quick relationship look up between 2 people.

FIXME The Query General tab Coding Comments say:
"The hidden column at the front forces the sequence of the prompt. The exclude is because there is no way to add a single person, so I therefore add 1 extra generation and then remove the ancestors leaving the single person I want."

Presumably this is a FH V2 restriction, because FH V3 & V4 have the following simpler implementation.

  • Delete the redundant first Hidden Column who is the =Relationship(["How is"],["Related to"],TEXT,1).
  • Delete the two Row Generation Filters and replace with a Row General Filter Add if %INDI% is ["How is"].

Produced by admin (03/02/03)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save FHQ file, then double click it to import to Family Historian.