Query:Fact ~ All Facts Filter by Date, Label, or Text


A filtered list of facts (events or attributes) in the current file, in ascending date order.

There are three queries providing three filter options, but they could be combined to provide a more complex filter.

In the Result Set right-click on any item and choose Locate in Property Box for a Facts tab view, or choose Locate in All Tab for a more detailed view.

All Facts Filter by Date

This finds facts between an Earliest Date and Latest Date, and excludes any facts with no date.
To find all facts after a certain date then set that date as Earliest Date and set Latest Date to 3000.
To find all facts before a certain date then set Earliest Date to 0001 and set Latest Date to before date.
To find all facts with a specific date then set both Earliest Date and Latest Date to that specific date.

All Facts Filter by Label

This finds facts whose Fact Label matches the text entered.
e.g. Enter migration and all Emigration and Immigration events are listed.

All Facts Filter by Text

This finds facts whose Find Text matches any text sub-field within the fact.
The Find Text may be multiple words, but each may appear as a case insensitive substring within any word anywhere in any sub-field in any order.
Note that they include the sub-fields Where within Source, Text From Source and Note for any citation on the yellow Sources For pane.

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Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the FHQ file, then double click it to install to Family Historian.