Query:Individual ~ Probable Spouse (Superseded)


Having produced a "Probable Spouse" Named List, as per Jane's excellent tutorial, Using Named Lists, this query will allow Probable Spouses to be ticked, marked, etc. as required. I find this useful particularly using a "possible" person found on the http://www.FreeBMD.org.uk web site, before the trouble & expense of getting the relevant certificate.

For example, use the Query via Diagram > Marks > Set/Clear Marks using Query.

Simply change the Rows Filter to nominate a different Named List for other Box Marking criteria.

Produced by admin (03/02/03)

User Comments

DELETEME because superseded by FH V3 Standard Query Named List Members, and add the tips to Using Named Lists &/or Named Lists.

tatewise (12/11/10)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save FHQ file, then double click it to import to Family Historian.