Report Type ~ Individuals List


A simple report listing of all Individuals, one per line, as requested by a 'The Next Generation' (TNG) user on the mailing list, for hard-copy reference purposes. Includes pool number, full name, (Sex), [record id], life dates and place of birth.

Produced by admin (10/08/04)

Individuals List Report

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the FHR file, then double click it to install to Family Historian.



This download is derived from Publish > Individual Summary Report with the Report Options shown below that hide most data. The Help button on each tab offers customisation advice.

  • Contents tab:
    • Clear every tick option.
    • Individual Events/Attributes and Marriage Events/Attributes both select List Only with empty lists.
    • Main Section Items used Edit on each item to select Hide and click OK button.
  • Pictures tab has Max Pics set to 0 for each type.
  • Sources tab has Show Source Citations clear.
  • Index tab has Enable Index clear.
  • Format tab:
    • Heading Level 1 used Edit Font: Arial and Style: Regular and Size: 8 with other fonts irrelevant.
    • Hdg Level 1 used Edit to set above & below Gap to 0 pt without Horizontal Line and Keep with Next: 1 line with other styles irrelevant.
    • Record used Edit to Show Heading Text: =RelationPool() %INDI.NAME[1]:SURNAME_FIRST% (%INDI.SEX%) [=RecordID()] Dates =LifeDates2() %INDI.BIRT.PLAC% that shows data of each person.
    • Every other Heading used Edit to select Hide and click OK button.
  • Page Layout tab:
    • Margins have been reduced.
    • Header has Left-aligned Text: Printed on =Date() and Right-aligned Text: Page =Page()
    • Footer has all text cleared.
    • Start records on new page is cleared so Record headings are on consecutive lines.
    • The Indents have been reduced but that is irrelevant.