Query:Individual ~ How Related - Between 2 Individuals


"How Related" is a query that gives the relationship(s) between two selected individuals ("Starting Person" and "Ending Person"). Life Dates, and up to 5 relationships are listed, with the closest relationship first (blood relationships closer than by marriage). The query also gives the number of generations between the individuals (siblings = 0, parents 1, children -1 etc) or states "Not related" if no relationship can be found.

NB: Due to FH V3 design, it was not possible to give the RecordId() of the "Ending Person" without a confusing query dialogue, so for consistency RecordId() is not displayed for either individual. FIXME
However, FH V4 overcomes this limitation with the =Individual() function, and the following Columns can be added to give both Id and the Ending Person record link:

Heading Expression
Starting Person %INDI%
Starting Id =RecordId(%INDI%)
Ending Person =Individual(["Ending Person"])
Ending Id =RecordId(Individual(["Ending Person"]))

Produced by GladToBeGrey (07/05/08)

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save FHQ file, then double click it to import to Family Historian.