Query:Family ~ Families with a Child of a Specified Name


Returns families who have a child with a specified given name, which is prompted for on running the query. The query returns all families in the file who have at least one child having that name amongst his/her given names, regardless of whether the name in question occurs first or later in the child's given name sequence, or is only part of a name, e.g. 'Sam' would match 'Sam' and 'Samuel' and 'Samantha'.

Caters for families with up to 13 children but could easily be adjusted to cope with bigger families.

Could be used for populating a Named List for use in other queries such as Query:Family ~ Families Common to 3 Named Lists.

Families with a child of a specified name Result Set

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save the FHQ file, then double click it to install to Family Historian.