Utility ~ Extended Web Search Facility


This provides an extended list of web sites that will appear for the Family Historian Internet > Search the Internet… menu option.

Although the list in itself may be useful, it also demonstrates how easy it is to add your own, so that you have a personalised list of all the sites you use regularly.

If you want to change/add entries just open the file in a text editor (e.g. WordPad or TextPad or Notepad) and add a section using one of the other entries as an example. Be sure to update the [Item99] number for each entry and the Count= in the 4th line should equal the total entries.

For the more technically minded:

If you want the entry to appear when you click the Only show sites that can be searched from here check box in FH, then you need to include at least one of the parameters (givn, last, y1, or y2) in the Template URL. If the web site you are using doesn't have anything suitable, then add ?dummy=<<<last>>> to ensure it appears in the list. This will be ignored when you click Search Now, but it will still get you to the right place.

Produced by Mamine (09/01/07)

Installation Instructions

Version 5

Version 5 users can download and install the Calico Pie Check for new Search The Internet settings plugin

Version 4

Version 4 users should click on the link below to download and save the Standard.fhi file.

To use this, first backup your old Standard.fhi file from Family Historian Program Data Folder\Web Search folder, then copy the downloaded FHI file into the same folder. You will need Windows Administrator privileges to do this. It is also worth keeping a backup of the new FHI file (with any changes you make) so that they are preserved if an FH upgrade overwrites the file.

V4 Download