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 ====== Add a Downloadable File ====== ====== Add a Downloadable File ======
-If you would like to add a downloadable file to our collection for [[Glossary:​Family Historian]] or [[Glossary:​Ancestral Sources]], ​and have a [[ContributeYourKnowledge:About|Knowledge Base Account]], then please first use **Tools > Log In** before ​using the **Add Download** form below.+To add a downloadable file to our collection for [[Glossary:​Family Historian]] or [[Glossary:​Ancestral Sources]], ​you must first [[info:Signing Up|Sign Up For Editing]] to enable your FHUG account. Then use the **Tools > Log In** option top right before ​completing ​the **Add Download** form below.
-Note that the **Download Type** chosen from the droplist will be automatically prefixed to the **Download Title**. ​+Note that the **Download Type** chosen from the droplist will be automatically prefixed to the **Download Title**.
-Once the form is complete, a link will be shown to the new page. Click on that link and use the **Edit** options to customise the page further should you wish to.+The **Description** only needs to be a summary as it can be edited later if required
-During any editing session, the **Preview** button displays ​the pagethe **Save** button preserves ​your changes and ends the session, while **Cancel** quits the session with nothing changed.+Remove ​**Tags** to leave only the appropriate categoriesso your entry is catalogued correctly in the [[..:​Index]].
-Your new page should eventually appear in the [[..:Index]] under the appropriate ​**Categories** for the keyword **Tags** you retained. To initiate that processpost a request to Jane in the [[http://​www.fhug.org.uk/​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=48|User Group]] forum. In the short term it should appear in the [[..:​Recently Added Downloads]] page.+After the form is submitted, a link will be shown to the new page. You can click on that link and use the **Edit** options to customise ​the page furtheras explained ​in the [[ContributeYourKnowledge:index]] sections.
-See the [[ContributeYourKnowledge:​index]] sections for [[ContributeYourKnowledge:​BeginnersUserGuide#​Basic Text Formatting]] ​and [[ContributeYourKnowledge:​PageFormattingSyntaxReference:​Links#​Hyper-Links]] & [[ContributeYourKnowledge:​PageFormattingSyntaxReference:​Links#​Download Links]] advicewhich applies to any **Knowledge Base** pages not just this [[FHUGDownloads:​Index]] section.+During any editing session, ​the **Preview** button displays the page, the **Save** button preserves your changes ​and ends the sessionwhile **Cancel** quits the session with nothing changed. Finally you can use **Tools > Log Out**.
-To update any downloadable file use the **Tools > Media Manager** option or the [[doku>​toolbar|toolbar]] **''​Add Images and other files''​** [[doku>images]] button and refer to the [[doku>​media_manager]] guide.+Initially your page is listed in the [[..:​Recently Added Downloads]]. Eventually it will appear in the [[..:Index]] under the appropriate ​**Categories** for the chosen keyword **Tags**. To quicken that process, post a request to an administrator in the [[forum>f=48|Web Site Usage]] forum. 
 +To later change any downloadable file, see the [[ContributeYourKnowledge:​index]] advice on updating media.
 **<​form>​ **<​form>​