Add a Downloadable File

To add a downloadable file to our collection for Family Historian or Ancestral Sources, you must first Sign Up For Editing to enable your FHUG account. Then use the Tools > Log In option top right before completing the Add Download form below.

Note that the Download Type chosen from the droplist will be automatically prefixed to the Download Title.

The Description only needs to be a summary as it can be edited later if required.

Remove Tags to leave only the appropriate categories, so your entry is catalogued correctly in the Downloads and Links.

After the form is submitted, a link will be shown to the new page. You can click on that link and use the Edit options to customise the page further, as explained in the Contribute Your Knowledge sections.

During any editing session, the Preview button displays the page, the Save button preserves your changes and ends the session, while Cancel quits the session with nothing changed. Finally you can use Tools > Log Out.

Initially your page is listed in the Recently Added Downloads and Links. Eventually it will appear in the Downloads and Links under the appropriate Categories for the chosen keyword Tags. To quicken that process, post a request to an administrator in the Web Site Usage forum.

To later change any downloadable file, see the Contribute Your Knowledge advice on updating media.

Add Download

  • Please edit these Tags to remove all non-applicable Categories: