Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Using Other Data

Notes on using ACC2GED with other types of CSV data

This can be done, but is challenging, and not to be undertaken lightly! The following brief notes may help.

  • The actual program is compiled, and not readily accessible for change.
  • The various data files can be modified. However certain fields including record, selection, ID, FAMC, and FAMS need to retain their relative position though their content can be changed. The fields are separated by a comma delimiter, which a spreadsheet will output as ",". acc2ged ignores leading and trailing spaces in the CSV data. The only exception is the first field ID which is essential. It must have no leading or trailing spaces, and must be followed by ,". This can be accomplished by using a special delimiter (say - @) in the spreadhseet, and then using a text editor Find & Replace to substitute ," for "@".
  • In the config files the names assigned can be changed, but it is not possible to add additional lines. Since name, ID and SEX are unchangeable this restricts the number of names that can be re-assigned.
  • In the config file [births] section there is provision for place1 and place2. These will be concatenated in the resulting GEDCOM file. However these names can be reassigned to different Events/Attributes which will be handled separately in the GEDCOM conversion.
  • In the config file the data file name must be present in either the [personal] or the [births] sections. In other sections the same file name will be used unless otherwise specified.
  • To prevent processing of a particular section make sure that all the attributes in that section are left empty e.g. date= ,place= .
  • Non-standard Event/Attribute names such as [mref] or [interest] can be used. But the resulting GEDCOM file and FH will require modification to accept these custom names.