Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Download and Run


Download acc2ged from http://www.wintree.plus.com/acc2ged.zip or alternative sites. The download is a ZIP file, so use WINZIP or similar to unzip to a new folder such as C:\acc2ged.

These files comprise the actual program acc2ged.exe, and a readme.txt file, which gives a brief overview of the program. In addition there are two sets of files with suffix .one and with suffix .two, which are the data inputs for two examples. The best way of getting an idea of what the program will do is to run one or both of these examples.


Before running the program it is necessary to rename one or other of the files config.one or config.two. Use Windows Explorer or equivalent to copy and rename config.one to acc2ged.cfg, which will result in the files for example one being processed.

Double-click on acc2ged.exe to automatically run it within the DOS Command Prompt accessory. Otherwise, first access the DOS Command Prompt at Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. This will open a small window with a black screen, and a line of print ending with the flashing cursor. For 64-bit computers you will need to run a DOS emulator such as the freeware DOSBox.

ACC2GED Command Prompt Snapshot

At the prompt change the directory by typing in the following and pressing the Enter key:

CD C:\acc2ged

The screen should now show your chosen directory and the cursor. Type in acc2ged and press the Enter key.

The cursor should drop down to an empty line, and after about a quarter of a minute you should see several lines printing. Assuming you have run example one these should read:

Stage 1 completed
Final stage completed

Output sent to files family.log, family.ged
Number of individuals listed = 123
Number of families listed = 25

To terminate the DOS Command Prompt type EXIT and press Enter key.

The created GEDCOM file is C:\acc2ged\FAMILY.GED.

View the results in Family Historian by simply double clicking on the FAMILY.GED file. When Family Historian V3 checks the file for errors you will see that there are none, and the further check using the Validate command also reveals no errors. However, Family Historian V4 does more rigorous checks, and reports that individual record MARTIN, Eliza (ID 24) has an undefined SEX value, which is a small error in both example one and two.

To get an insight into what the program has done select NORTON, Harold (ID 117) and click on View > Standard Diagrams > All Relatives to open a family tree with several generations. Explore as you will.

If you examine the actual data files in C:\acc2ged that are used by acc2ged, you will find that in each example it takes information from a series of Comma Separated Value (CSV) files that correspond to Events like Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death, etc. to establish the various linkages between related individuals.