Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM)


If you have a need to convert Comma Separated Value (CSV) output from a database or spreadsheet into GEDCOM format, the program acc2ged is available as freeware and may be right for your purpose.

The program is small but powerful, and what it does, it does very well indeed and quickly. It can take the results from a series of CSV files, representing information for births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials. It will combine the data into a single GEDCOM complete with proper links to family, children, parents, etc. The resulting GEDCOM usually loads into Family Historian with no errors.

Further details are provided in the following subsections.

Produced by D.J.Cooke (13/08/98) Updated by tatewise (30/10/10)

User Comments

From V5 it's also possible to use plugins to import data to Family Historian directly and there is a sample plugin to get you started in the plugin store Build a Tree from a CSV

Installation Instructions

Click on the link below to download and save acc2ged.zip file, then extract all the files to a folder. See the Download & Running subsection for further details.

Note that this is a 16-bit DOS utility and will not run on a 64-bit PC unless you install a DOS emulator such as the freeware DOSBox within which to run acc2ged.exe.


acc2ged.zip ~ From FHUG Downloads.

acc2ged.zip ~ From Internet Website.