Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Intermediate User Guide

Now that you have grasped the basic editing techniques, you are ready to move on to adding Pages and Hyper-Links.

There is an excellent guide to editing pages and using the Wiki at dokuwiki:editing.

The Knowledge Base is composed of Pages and you navigate from page to page by clicking on Hyper-Links just like using the Internet.

A Trace of Hyper-Links to the Pages visited appears in a bar across the top.

When you hover your cursor over a Hyper-Link it changes to a pointing hand, the Hyper-Link becomes underlined, and the Pagename pops up.

If you click on the Hyper-Link then the chosen Page opens in the main display pane.

To insert a Hyper-Link you enclose the destination [[Pagename]] in square brackets anywhere within the text.

To link to a Section Headline within a Page append the Headline text after a hash e.g. [[Pagename#Headline]].

To display Link Text that is different from the Pagename simply append the Link Text after a vertical bar e.g. [[Pagename#Headline|Link Text]].

To link to a Web page insert its Internet address as the Pagename e.g. [[]] although in this case the square brackets are not essential unless you want to add Link Text.

See the Page Formatting ~ Links to Elsewhere guide for further details about Hyper-Links that includes displaying images and downloading files.

New Pages

The previous section introduced the concept of Pagenames and how to navigate through them.

To create a new Page simply insert a Hyper-Link with its desired Pagename on an existing Page and Save the revised Page.

When you click on this new Hyper-Link a Page will open saying This topic does not exist yet and you may create it by using the Create this page option, on the Tools menu top right.

If the Create this page option is not there, either you have forgotten to Login, or you need to send a message to Jane Taubman giving your username and asking for extra privileges.

New page names should comprise alphanumeric, space, or underline characters only.

See the Knowledge Base Editing ~ Create/Delete Pages guide for full details.

Animated Guides

Reference Guides

The Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Page Formatting Syntax Reference describes the general Wiki formatting syntax in full. Features such as inserting images and animations are explained in the Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Advanced User Guide.

The Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Knowledge Base Editing Reference explains particular Knowledge Base features, such as the Section Namespaces and Links to FHUG Website Pages.