Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Alternative Approach


The usefulness of this Knowledge Base depends on the content that people contribute to it; either by adding new information, or by editing what already exists. There are very simple ways to get started, or techniques to create more complicated content, whatever you are comfortable doing.

Basic Concepts

  • The Knowledge Base is composed of Pages and you navigate from page to page by clicking on Hyperlinks.
  • When you edit or add information, you are actually editing or adding Pages, and creating Hyperlinks between those Pages to help people find their way around topics.
  • Pages are grouped into Namespaces that are equivalent to directory folder paths on a PC. For example this page is contributeyourknowledge:index where contributeyourknowledge is the Namespace and index is the Page, although the Page is usually listed by its headline title Contribute Your Knowledge.
  • Just like any other website pages, the Hyperlinks can navigate to anywhere on the Internet and can display images and download data files.
  • The editor dialogue uses Wiki codes similar to the Forums BBCodes. The popular codes have toolbar buttons, but they all can be entered manually.
    • Some are standard Wiki codes, such as pairs of asterisks **bold** that produce bold text.
    • Others rely upon installed Plugins that define Macros, such as <color red>red text</color> that produces red text.

Getting Started

If you are a newcomer then the following steps will get you started.

  • Use Tools > Log In via the toolbar top right before each editing session and log out via Tools > Log Out afterwards.

Easy Ways to Contribute

It is easy to add information of interest to FHUG members, to the Downloads and Links or Member Web Sites sections.

If that is your objective, then use the Add Downloads and Links or Add a Member Web Site Link shortcut forms.

After creating a page using those forms, it can be customised further by using the editing techniques below.

FIXME All topics below should have a direct link to detailed instructions or definitions, and ideally will not take the user to a page of Links they need to sift through but to the exact information it promises.
FIXME Each link below is to a Section within a large Page per main Heading below.
FIXME Many pages say features may be turned on/off or customised, etc, but must make it clear that can only be done by request to an administrator via the Web Site Usage forum.

Edit Existing Pages

If you want to edit an existing page, which you may have created in Downloads and Links or Member Web Sites, or because you find something that needs revising such as a spelling mistake – then this guide will help you with formatting.

Above all, remember that this is a Wiki and everyone can edit a page if they think it worthwhile. Every version of each page is recorded, so if you do have a problem the administrators here can recover an earlier version.

  • Introduction ~ scope and concepts of page editing and formatting
  • Edit and Save a Page ~ how to login, edit, preview, cancel, and save a page
  • Character Styles ~ bold, italic, underline, mono, sub, sup, strike, fh, smileys :-), special chars ⇒, colour
  • Text Layouts ~ paragraphs, headlines, horizontal lines, lists, tables, boxes, footnotes, hidden text, comments, quotes
  • Text Formats ~ inhibit formatting, code blocks, syntax highlighting, code downloads

These features offer Hyperlinks between Wiki Pages, to the Internet, and to images and downloads.

Create and Manage Pages

These guides explain how to create, delete, rename or move Pages within Namespaces, and update cross-references.

Expert Features

FIXME This section can brief as long as it signposts why an expert might be interested in the specialised tools and reassures others that they never need look inside for routine contributions…

These guides explain features only of interest to experts and otherwise can be ignored.

Reference Material

FIXME Maybe this should be a page within Expert Features and just for links to docuwiki guides as suggested below?
FIXME Links to User Guides with notes that they cover material already covered above, but aggregated for convenience. Not sure we need this if all the User Guide pages for all the features are included above?
FIXME Links to detailed manuals/docuwiki etc. – the stuff that very very few people will need to carry out routine tasks.
FIXME Glossary of terms.