Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Advanced User Guide

Extra Text Formatting

See the following sections in the Page Formatting ~ Extra Text Styles guide for details.

Images and Downloads

See the following sections in the Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Page Formatting Syntax Reference guide for details.

To upload image or data files to the Wiki database for inclusion in pages, use the Add Images and other files quickbutton and refer to the media_manager guide, or use the Tools > Media Manager option.

YouTube Animations

The Video Sharing Site Plugin allows animated tutorials from video sites such as YouTube to be added to a page.

You create your video tutorials using screen capturing software such as the freeware CamStudio Winff YouTube package.

You must register for a free account on YouTube so that you can upload each video with commentary or captions.

If you already have a Google account then you can use it with YouTube as follows:

  1. Visit the Google home page and click on the blue Sign in link usually top right.
  2. Visit the YouTube home page and click on the large blue Create Account button.
  3. It should say You're currently signed in to Google and offer a Sign me up! link for you to use.
  4. Fill in your account details ensuring the Email Address is your Google Email sign in address used in step 1 above.

Each video has a unique 11-character share id, which must be added to the Control Macro {{youtube>id}}. See Expert Features below.

At present this is only an overview, so if you need more detail please just ask via the FHUG Forums.

New Main Sections

It is preferred that you follow the established Knowledge Base Namespace structure.

For general details about namespaces see

For details of the Knowledge Base structure see the Knowledge Base Editing ~ Active Sections guide.

To create a new main section you should start by inserting a link to its index page into the main sidebar, e.g. [[Newnamespace:Index|Title Text]]\\. Then click on this sidebar link and create the index page, which should contain links to at least the standard Namespace Pages. Use the existing sections as a guide to the structure of the pages in the new section.

Expert Features

See the following sections in the Page Formatting ~ Other Features guide for details.