Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (3) Flag Assignments


Flags are a feature of Family Historian that allow Individual records to be marked. You can test for the presence of a Flag in a Query, or Record Window Column, or Diagram Text Scheme, or Diagram Box Condition, etc.

Ancestral Sources allows a Flag to be assigned to any non-Census Source Type.

Using Flags and Icons and Expressions explains the simplicity and benefits of testing for any non-Census Source Type using a simple Expression instead of a Flag, and from Family Historian Version 4 onwards, this also applies to a Diagram Box Condition to set an Icon. Thus the ability to assign a Flag to a non-Census Source Type is now somewhat redundant.

For Census Flags see the Census Flag & Date Tools tutorial later.

Flag Assignment

Open Ancestral Sources and ensure the Family Historian Sample Project or the Sample.ged file opens by default, but if not then Configure Initial Settings.

Ensure that Baptism Records mode is active by clicking the Create baptism entries button near the middle of the toolbar, or by choosing View > Baptism Editor. Non-Census Flag Assignment

Use the menubar option Tools > Flag Assignment.

Ensure the Source Type is Baptism and in the Flag Name field type in Baptism.

Click the Save button and then the Close button.

Henceforth, whenever a Baptism Source is saved to Family Historian a Baptism Flag will be assigned to the Individual Record of the key person.

All other non-Census Source Types will work in the same way, except that for a Marriage Source both spouses will have the Flag assigned.

To remove the setting, use the menubar option Tools > Flag Assignment again.

Ensure the Source Type is Baptism and set Flag Name to Baptism from the list.

Click the Delete button, OK the warning to remove the setting, and then click the Close button.

Close Ancestral Sources by using the File > Exit option.

If Baptism Flags need to be added or cleared for all existing Individuals with Baptism Events, then use Family Historian as follows:

  • Use View > Query Window and from the Query Menu choose New Custom Query….
  • In the New Custom Query window set Query Name to Update Flags, set Query Type to Individual, and click Create.
  • Select the General tab and set the Title to Update Flags.
  • Select the Columns tab, and check Individual and %INDI% are in the Columns pane.
  • Select the Rows tab, set Condition to Exclude if…, and click […] button to right of Expression box.
  • In the Data Reference Assistant window, click on + next to Events, choose Baptism, and click OK.
  • Set the Operator to is null, and click the Add button, so Filter is Exclude if %INDI.BAPM% is null.
  • Click the red triangular Run Query button, and on the Result Set tab note the Individual list.
  • From the Query Menu choose Set / Clear Flag on Result Set Records… as required.
  • Choose the flag Baptism and click OK.

This Query can be re-used for other Flags by updating the Rows Filter to use another Event.

An alternative way to clear a Flag is as follows:

  • Use Tools > Work with Lists and Flags, and select the Record Flag required from the list.
  • Choose task 3. Clear the flag on all Individual records, and click Perform Action.
  • Click the Flag Status button and ensure Always include this record flag in flag lists is not ticked.
  • Click OK and Close.

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