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Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (1) Unrelated Individuals


In addition to the Add Parent…, Add Spouse…, Add Sibling…, and Add Child… links there is also an Add Unrelated Individual option.

New Unrelated Individual

Open Ancestral Sources and ensure the Family Historian Sample Project or the Sample.ged file opens by default, but if not then Configure Initial Settings.

Click the + Add unrelated individual button near the middle of the toolbar, or use menubar Edit > New unrelated individual option. Add Unrelated Individual

In the Name field type in any name using the format First Names /Surname/.

Select the Gender from the drop-down list.

If Census Editor mode applies, there is an option to Add to entry following creation of individual, that will create the new individual and add them to the census grid in a single step.

Finally click OK.

The Individual record will be added to Family Historian with the record ID shown only when the current data entry is saved.

Use menubar option Edit > Review/remove individual data changes…, select the Individual just created and click the Delete button to undo the entry.

Close Ancestral Sources.

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