Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Enter Census ~ (3) Populate the Census Grid


The next step is to populate the census grid in the centre of the main screen, which imitates much of the data tabulated on the census form.

Hover the mouse over each column heading and the popup tooltip should match the column heading on the census form.

Watch the associated Populate the Census Grid tutorial video.

Select Family Members

To choose the Head of the household, enter the start of the surname (Chi) into the Find Name box above the family names, and select Rupert from the list. Notice that his family is listed under Spouses and Children below.

To add Rupert to the census grid as Head of the family, click the << Select button, or use Edit > Add current individual to the entry.

Double click on his spouse Janet and child Julian to add them to the census grid as Wife and Son.

The census image and transcript also list his daughter Martha, who does not yet exist in the database.
To add Martha, click on the Add Child… link bottom right, and in the popup select Rupert and Janet as parents.
Enter Martha at the start of the Name box, select Gender as Female, and tick Add to entry following creation of individual.
Click OK and note that Martha is added to the list of Children and to the census grid as Daughter.

Add Child


  1. To undo this Martha child entry, you would use Edit > Review/remove individual data changes.
  2. To add other relatives use the Add Parent…, Add Spouse…, Add Sibling… links.
  3. To add a completely new unrelated person click the + Add unrelated individual button near the middle of the toolbar, or use menubar Edit > New unrelated individual option as explained in Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (1) Unrelated Individuals.

Check the Census Grid

Now the Son Julian and Daughter Martha are not in the same order as in the census transcript and image form.
To correct this, click the up arrow button Move selected row up in the census grid, or use Edit > Move selected individual up in the census grid.

Check that the marriage Condition is shown as M = Married for the parents and S = Single for the children. This is necessary for this family because none of them have a Birth Event or Marriage Event recorded to help Ancestral Sources choose the correct Condition.

Finally fill in any missing details in the Census Grid from the census transcript and image form.

For Rupert, Occupation = Clerk and Employ Status = Worker selected from the dropdown list.
For Rupert, Age = 22 and Where Born = Kingston, Surrey, England
For Janet , Age = 21 and Where Born = Chelsea, London, England
For Martha, Age = 2 and Where Born = Guildford, Surrey, England
For Julian, Age = 1m and Where Born = Guildford, Surrey, England

To enter Julian’s age of 1 month, click the button in his Age box and enter 1 against Months.

Notice that the Chelsea and Guildford places are auto-completed, derived from existing Place field values.

Census Grid

If it is still open, now close the Image Viewer window by clicking its Close button.

It is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but the Census Grid can be customised with a template for each Country and Year.
See the menubar Census > Census Templates option and the Census Grid Templates tutorial for details.

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