Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Templates


The tutorials for entering facts all focus on the default installation templates of Ancestral Sources, which for many users will be fine, but the templates offer ways to customise how certain features work. All the Options, Templates, and Tools settings apply equally to all Projects, but they can be different in each Windows User Account.

Some of the features of customising or creating templates are intended for more advanced users, but even beginners should be aware of the fundamental capabilities.

Throughout the tutorials the notation ‘Option1 > Option2 > Option3 button’ means select menubar Option1, then Option2, and finally click the Option3 button.

Any text in Bold usually represents literal text visible somewhere in the tutorial windows.

It is feasible to copy & paste many of the data values from the tutorial scripts directly into Ancestral Sources input forms.

FIXME These tutorials are based on AS Version 3 so some features may be slightly different in later versions.

Tutorial Scripts