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Build a Website
At some point when researching their family history, many people consider how to put their information online
Create Family Tree CD/DVD or Website Content
The processes for creating either a website or a Family Tree CD/DVD within Family Historian are essentially the same, and are well documented in the Help file
Delete Data for Living People
It is usually necessary to delete the data for living people from your database, before publishing it to a wider audience such as on a website
Family Tree Tips ~ Alter CSS Default Styles
The default font for every page is defined in the fhstyle
Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF
An alternative way of navigating the website is to create a Family Historian Diagram PDF file, where each Individual Box has a Hyperlink to the Individual’s Web Page
Family Tree Tips ~ Set Page Background
The default background for every page is defined in the fhstyle
Family Tree Tips ~ Text Field URL Hyperlinks
It is possible to include any Internet URL in any text field within your Family Historian data
Internet Data Matches
For details see the V6 book “Getting the Most From Family Historian” Chapter 13 Web Search, Web Hints & Web Clipping and also Automatic Internet Data Matching plus What is Automatic Internet Data Matching and FH V6
Search the Internet Bookmarks
This article describes the features that allow custom URL bookmarks to be added and edited to provide shortcuts for opening and searching Internet websites
Synchronising Family Historian between 2 PCs
Many people will install Family Historian on 2 PCs, which is allowed by the terms of the licence: The Software must not be installed on more than one computer terminal at any one time, except that you may install it onto 2 computers (and no more than 2) if both computers are owned and […]
Synchronizing Family Historian Settings Using Directory Junctions
Creating directory junctions within Windows provides a mechanism whereby selected features, including plugins, queries, and fact sets, can be synchronized automatically between multiple PCs
Synchronizing Your Tree With Ancestry to Exploit Hints
Many users upload copies of their family tree to web-based genealogy platforms, both for public visibility and convenient searching of the platform’s records