Sub Categories

    Calico Pie
    Calico Pie Limited is the company who have produced Family Historian software since 2002
    Family Historian Documentation
    Family Historian comes with a variety of helpful documentation, for people who are already users and for people considering buying the software
    Family Historian User Group
    FHUG is an user operated and supported site providing help and advice for the Family Historian () software package
    FH Mailing List
      If you prefer to use a mailing list to seek help, Calico Pie provide one at Family Historian at Groups
    Forum Usage Tips
    The FHUG Forums allow you to ask questions about Family Historian, Ancestral Sources, Genealogy Research, and many other subjects, but a little knowledge about how to use them will help you get the most from them
    Support FHUG
    The FHUG site (including this Knowledge Base) is supported by donations from its members to pay for day to day running costs such as website hosting, spam checking and some essential software
    Twitter and FaceBook
    Calico Pie Limited founder Simon Orde manages a Twitter account for Family Historian, and also a FaceBook page
    Wish List
    The Family Historian Wish List allows registered Forum members to vote on various wishes for enhancements to