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    Planning and Tracking Your Research
    Many family historians recognise a need to plan and track their research activities, so that they: don’t forget something they plan to do don’t repeat something they’ve already done don’t lose track of progress in the middle of a protracted research activity
    Research Notes
    Research Notes are a new tool in Family Historian 7 that are designed to enable notes about your research (such as To-Do lists and Visit Reports) to be kept separate from notes about the subjects of your research, e
    Research Planner Version 2
    Important Note: Research Planner will not be upgraded for use with Family Historian V7
    To-Do List Attribute
    This technique creates a Custom Attribute in which the Note field holds labelled details of Work In Progress or Research To Do for the associated Individual; and a dedicated custom Property Box Tab provides a convenient shortcut to create, access, and update these details
    Using Named Lists to Track Your Research
    Named Lists are a valuable tool for planning and tracking research
    Using Notes To Track Your Research
    There are a number of things to be aware of when using Notes to track your research
    What’s New in Family Historian 7
    A video by Calico Pie showcasing new features in 7.