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Named Lists
Named Lists are probably the most under used and misunderstood functions in Family Historian, perhaps because they can be used in so many ways
Other Programmes for Planning and Tracking Research
Sometimes the Research Planning Facilities within  just don’t quite “do it”; this leads to an examination of external applications
Planning and Tracking Your Research
Many family historians recognise a need to plan and track their research activities, so that they: don’t forget something they plan to do don’t repeat something they’ve already done don’t lose track of progress in the middle of a protracted research activity
Record Flags
Record Flags are simple markers that you can attach to an Individual Record to indicate something about that individual that is useful for you to know when you are researching, or displaying the results of your research
Research Notes
Research Notes are a new tool in Family Historian 7 that are designed to enable notes about your research (such as To-Do lists and Visit Reports) to be kept separate from notes about the subjects of your research, e
Research Planner Version 2
Important Note: Research Planner will not be upgraded for use with Family Historian V7
Simplenote is a multi-platform application from the makers of WordPress (the blogging software people – Automattic
To-Do List Attribute
This technique creates a Custom Attribute in which the Note field holds labelled details of Work In Progress or Research To Do for the associated Individual; and a dedicated custom Property Box Tab provides a convenient shortcut to create, access, and update these details
The todo.txt format is a simple set of rules that make todo
Understanding Projects
  If you are new to using Family Historian an/or migrating from another product, it is advisable to read and understand what projects are and why they are useful
Using Named Lists to Track Your Research
Named Lists are a valuable tool for planning and tracking research
Using Notes To Track Your Research
There are a number of things to be aware of when using Notes to track your research
This application helps manage various genealogical projects that researchers can find themselves jumping between
Zotero was developed primarily to assist in writing academic papers – where the quality of the references is one of the major contributors to “Indications of Esteem”