Sub Categories

    Create an export GEDCOM based on a diagram
    It can sometimes be useful to export all the people shown on a selected Diagram
    GEDCOM In theory exporting your GEDCOM file from Family Historian can be done as simply as sending the
    Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media
    The main purposes for exporting a Family Tree GEDCOM file with or without Media are: To create a subset Project using
    Exporting Templated Sources
    Family Historian Version 7 introduced Sources created from Source Templates, which are underpinned by -specific GEDCOM extensions which will not export readily to other products (such as website generators, GEDCOM tools, or other genealogy products and services)
    Importing/Exporting to Gedcom7 and Gedzip
    How to export to a GEDCOM 7 file, and how to import from a GEDCOM 7 file
    Split Tree Helper
    This is covered in the manual Getting the Most From Family Historian in either Chapter 14 – Merging, Comparing and Splitting Tree Files or in later editions Chapter 15 – Compare, Merge, Split, Copy and Export GEDCOM Files
    Synchronizing Your Tree With Ancestry to Exploit Hints
    Many users upload copies of their family tree to web-based genealogy platforms, both for public visibility and convenient searching of the platform’s records