Sub Categories

    Correct Duplicate Spouses
    How to correct problems where the same spouse appears twice
    Delete One or Many Records
    There are numerous techniques for doing this
    Finding Where Records are Used
    There are many ways that the various can be linked together as illustrated in the Formal Database Structure
    Handling Renumbered Record IDs after Import
    Sometimes when importing GEDCOM from other programs the Record IDs get renumbered sequentially from 1, but you may wish that they are retained unchanged
    How to Customise or Print Records Window or Named List Columns
    The columns in the Records Window (and Named Lists) can be customised to suit the user’s preferences
    Merge/Compare Records and Branches
    There will inevitably be times during your research when you suspect or realize you have (for example) two records for the same individual
    Record Identifiers
    Every Record in Family Historian has a numeric Record Identifier which is unique within its type of record
    Records Window
    The Records Window is an excellent vehicle for Intermediate and Advanced users to quickly access all the information held within a Family Historian Project in a compact format, although it can be a little daunting for New Users
    Remember Current Record(s)
    It is a common requirement to be able to remember which records you are working on between sessions of using Family Historian