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Backup and Recovery
Every computer user needs a strategy for making backup copies of their precious data
Building a New Project from Scratch
A video tutorial on how to create a new project.
Changing External File Links (Video)
Short video on how to change and move media around using the Work with External File Links Tool
Family Historian Program Data Folder
Family Historian () stores its customisations and settings in sub-folders within a system data folder that was created when was installed
Formal Database Structure
Family Historian uses the GEDCOM data structure for its records, which is similar to many other genealogy products
What is GEDCOM? GEDCOM is a “standard” format devised by the Church of the Latter Day Saints to support GEnealogical Data COMmunication of family history records
GEDCOM Extension List
The user-defined GEDCOM custom tags used by Family Historian are tabulated below, and subsequent sections give more details with advice on how to export them to other genealogy programs
GEDCOM Source Fields
If you’re creating a source in Family Historian V6 and below, or a Generic Source in Version 7, you have a small number of fields with which to identify the source: Title This uniquely identifies the source within your project, for example: Birth Certificate of James Smith born 15th Aug 1873, Clerkenwell, London; or […]
Getting Started
If you are coming to Family Historian () from another genealogy computer program you may want to start by reviewing Key Features for Newcomers  and then the specific advice for migrating from your old program
One Project or Many
When getting started with family history and Family Historian some users have difficulty in deciding whether they should have one or many projects
Organise Your Files
Sooner or later you will begin to add pictures to Family Historian
Split Tree Helper
This is covered in the manual Getting the Most From Family Historian in either Chapter 14 – Merging, Comparing and Splitting Tree Files or in later editions Chapter 15 – Compare, Merge, Split, Copy and Export GEDCOM Files
Starting Family Historian With a Specified Project or Record
This page describes an undocumented option to start Family Historian with any specified Individual or Family Record in the Focus Window
Synchronising Family Historian between 2 PCs
Many people will install Family Historian on 2 PCs, which is allowed by the terms of the licence: The Software must not be installed on more than one computer terminal at any one time, except that you may install it onto 2 computers (and no more than 2) if both computers are owned and […]
Synchronizing Family Historian Settings Using Directory Junctions
Creating directory junctions within Windows provides a mechanism whereby selected features, including plugins, queries, and fact sets, can be synchronized automatically between multiple PCs
Understanding Projects
  If you are new to using Family Historian an/or migrating from another product, it is advisable to read and understand what projects are and why they are useful
Understanding the Scope of Features
Knowing where Family Historian stores its data and settings on your PC greatly aids routine processes such as backup or future migration/upgrade to a new or additional PC