Sub Categories

    Add Media to a Fact
    Adding media to a fact by selecting a file
    Add Pictures Using Media Window
    Add pictures to a Family Historian project using the Media Window
    Adding Media to Sources and Citations (Version 6 and below)
    If you have an electronic copy of a Source (for example, a scanned or downloaded image or certificate, or a text document), you will find it helpful to link it to the associated Source (for Method 1) or Citation (for Method 2)
    Adding Other Media
    Scanned or downloaded document Image Files such as JPEG or PNG can be added in a similar fashion to photographs, but would typically be linked to the Media tab of Source Records
    Change External File Links
    How to change and move media around using the Work with External File Links Tool
    Common Image Problems
    Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop
    Right-click Copy & Paste and left/right-click Drag & Drop are standard features in all current versions of Windows, but are supported to varying degrees in different versions of Family Historian ()
    Family Photograph and Source Media Management
    An in depth look at media Management in Family Historian V7.
    Media File Formats
    Family Historian can attach any type of file to a Media Record, but only image files can be directly displayed within the program
    Media File Renaming
    This video demonstrates how to rename meaningless file names after downloading from Ancestry
    Media Window and Report
    This illustrates the features of the Media Window and Media Report
    Organise Your Files
    Sooner or later you will begin to add pictures to Family Historian
    Sources and Citations in Version 7 (for New Users)
    Sources are an essential part of recording the results of your Genealogy research; they help you, and others, understand how you reached a particular conclusion — and where you might be mistaken