Sub Categories

    Add People Using a Diagram
    Using Family Historians diagram editing feature to add new people into your database.
    Change Relationships
    How to modify family connections when you’ve gone wrong!  Putting the children with the wrong husband, or the family with the wrong cousin
    Correct Duplicate Spouses
    How to correct problems where the same spouse appears twice
    Family Records
    This is what Family Historian has to say about Family records: Family records store information about families, and store links to all the Individuals who make up the family
    How to Display How Two People are Related
    The simplest way to display how two people on your tree are related is to use
    How to Find and Mark Twins
    Identifying multiple births can be very helpful
    Names, Name Parts and Name Structures
    This article attempts to highlight some of the pit-falls involved in recording Names of Individuals – particularly when trying to handle names that deviate from the Anglo-Saxon practice of Given Names followed by Surname, such as: Jo Doe, Mark C
    Recording a Civil Partnership
    In some respects, recording a Civil partnership is similar to recording a marriage and you should consult that article first; however this article discusses some of the issues involved in recording Civil Partnerships which are a relatively new phenomenon, and need some ingenuity to handle
    Recording a Marriage
    You may have a Marriage Certificate or a Marriage Register Entry from a Church, Chapel, Synagogue or other religious venue, and want to understand how you record information from that Source
    Recording Children in Complex Families
    This article was prompted by, among others, a query in Rootsweb
    Recording Children with Foster/Adoptive Parents
    Many people feel they are researching their family history, not just their genealogy, and foster/adoptive parents are just as important as blood line parents
    Recording Credibility of Family Relationships
    When researching family relationships it is not always certain that links between people are definitive without further evidence
    Recording from a Census Record
    Census records are key events that are just as significant as Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death and Burial events, so capturing Census record details is important
    Recording Grandchildren
    Sometimes the grandparents, or relatives of a person, are known but at the time of recording the parent is unknown or uncertain
    Removing Unwanted Relations
    Sometimes unwanted family relations such as Spouses or Children are added by mistake, especially when using the Diagram drag method
    Sorting Children, Spouses & Facts into Date Order
    When you enter children of a marriage, Family Historian  will retain the order of entry unless you tell it different; it does not automatically adjust the order, if each child Birth or Marriage is entered with a Date
    View Both Spouses’ Ancestors in Diagrams
    If you select only one Individual Record before viewing an Ancestors Diagram, or Ancestors & Descendants Diagram, or All Relatives Diagram then the Ancestors of only that person are displayed in the Diagram