Sub Categories

    Add More People to a Diagram (Video Tutorial)
    Adding Text Boxes to a Diagram
    Some of the features illustrated are not available in earlier versions
    Create an export GEDCOM based on a diagram
    It can sometimes be useful to export all the people shown on a selected Diagram
    Diagram Tips
    This summarises some little known tips and tricks with Diagrams
    Getting Ready to Print Diagrams
    When you open any Diagram, Family Historian will be getting ready to print it, but it’s not always the best at optimising the amount of paper required
    Saving Medium or Large Diagrams
    You may run into problems saving even medium size diagrams or ones with a high zoom level
    Showing Pictures on a Diagram
    There are two stages to this
    Single PDF Page of a Diagram
    Creating a single page PDF can be a great way to send large diagrams to a Print Company to obtain A2 or larger charts without reverting to sticky tape or glue
    Using Icons
    An Icon is a small image file that will sit against a box on a diagram
    Using Mark and Hide in Diagrams (Animated Tutorial)
    This tutorials is for Family Historian Version 3 on Windows XP, but despite slightly different layout and colours, some concepts are still valid for later versions
    Using Named Lists to Mark a Diagram (Animated Tutorial)
    View Both Spouses’ Ancestors in Diagrams
    If you select only one Individual Record before viewing an Ancestors Diagram, or Ancestors & Descendants Diagram, or All Relatives Diagram then the Ancestors of only that person are displayed in the Diagram