PSPad Editor

  • Link type: Gedcom Tools 
  • PSPad is a very comprehensive freeware text and code editor, great for working with “dodgy” GEDCOM

    It also includes useful editing functions for HTML, LUA, and other file formats, as well as composing Family Historian Functions.

    See for more details.

    There are many references in the FHUG Forums to PSPad and some are listed below:

    Installation Instructions

    • Click on this link – – PSPad editor – and follow the PSPad download and install instructions.
    • Click on this link – – English dictionary for the spell-checker – to download the English dictionary and install as instructed.
    • Despite what the on-line instructions say, PSPad does need Windows Administrator privileges to install, at least on Windows 7.

    Configure LUA Highlighter

    Support for LUA must be set up in the PSPad Editor (V4.5.7 or later) from a Windows Administrator privileged account.

    • From the menu bar select Settings > User Highlighter… and Load the Lua.INI file.
    • In File Types, Comma Delimited at the top add ,*.fh_lua and click Save.
    • From the menu bar select Settings > Highlighters Settings….
    • Scroll down on the left until you reach <not assigned>.
    • Click on the first one and from the right hand User Highlighters select Lua.
    • There is no Help File for this highlighter, so simply click the OK button. However you can add the Standard Lua Help file or the Family Historian API help file into the link.
    • There is a basic Clip Definitions file available here: Lua.def
    • There is an extended Lua.ini here, which includes the main fh functions.
    • Finally you can download a copy of the Lua Help here


    Link: PSPad Editor