Ancestral Sources v7.8

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  • This is the latest version of Ancestral Sources by Nick Walker, an add-on for Family Historian. This version deals with Census, Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death, and Burial/Cremation sources. It supports all versions of Family Historian, including the latest ƒh v7 features, including rich-text and source templates. Ancestral Sources now also includes facilities for users of earlier versions of FH/AS to convert plain text census sources into rich-text and/or generic census sources into templated versions. There is also a ‘Tree View’ to allow individuals to be added to an entry from a descendant tree.

    Ancestral Sources makes adding source entries to ƒh much quicker and easier to achieve. Simply enter the record details and allow Ancestral Sources to do all the hard work of creating Census, Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Death, Burial, Occupation, and other Facts linked via Citations to Sources and Multimedia records.

    You can see a list of all the features in this and earlier versions of Ancestral Sources on the Version History page.

    You can find out more about Ancestral Sources on the Ancestral Sources Videos page.

    Installation Instructions

    The 64 bit version is for 64-bit operating systems, and works with all supported versions of 64 bit Windows. If you are running a supported version of Windows then this is probably the version to use.

    The 32 bit version is for 32-bit operating systems, and works with all supported versions of Windows. Only use this if for some reason you are unable to run the 64 bit version.

    Both require the Microsoft .Net 4.8 framework, which is almost certain to already be on your computer, but if it isn’t then you should be prompted to download it. Alternatively this can be downloaded from Microsoft: Microsoft .Net 4.8

    Click on the appropriate link below to download and save file, then double click it to install, which needs Windows Administrator privileges.

    Your web browser may produce standard warnings such as “this app was blocked because it could harm your device” but these can be safely ignored. The warnings are because it is not a commonly downloaded application when considered on a world-wide scale. You may need to select options such as Actions or More Options or Run Anyway or Keep or Keep Anyway. See the Solving Security Software or Browser blocking Ancestral Sources page for more information about how to deal with Windows security systems blocking Ancestral Sources.

    When running AS for the first time, if you get error messages reporting that the settings files could not be created, try running it again by right-clicking on the Ancestral Sources shortcut and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’. You should only need to do this the first time it runs. However, if this doesn’t solve it you should read the Solving Security Software or Browser blocking Ancestral Sources page where it explains how to solve the problem: Ancestral Sources blocked from accessing documents.

    Ancestral Sources v7.8 (64 bit version)

    Ancestral Sources v7.8 (32 bit version)