Sub Categories

    Charting Companion
    Charting Companion is a diagram generator produced by Progeny Genealogy, which can be purchased and used in conjunction with Family Historian to offer a number of charts that are not currently provided by , such as a Fractal Tree, Dandelion Chart, Descendant Fan Chart, and Trellis Chart
    FastStone Image Viewer and Capture
    FastStone Image Viewer offers a nice modern interface and many very useful features in a compact freeware package
    Predominantly a photo viewer and converter, IrfanView is a useful freeware tool to have installed on any Windows PC
    PaintShop Photo Pro
    PaintShop Photo Pro is a competent editing program, and a long standing powerful competitor to Photoshop Elements
    Photoshop Elements
    This commercial package is a cut down version of the all conquering Adobe Photoshop