Witness Facts

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V6 and V7
  • In Topics: Facts 


Family Historian V6 introduced Fact Witnesses, in recognition that there were often more people than just the Principal(s) involved in a Fact. Some examples:



Possible Witnesses

Birth Individual who was born Parents
Marriage Individuals who married Bridesmaid, Best man, Witnesses who signed the register, Minister who carried out the ceremony
Grant of Probate Individual who made the will Executors, Beneficiaries

If Witnesses have been added to a Fact, you will see the Witness icon against the Fact in the Facts tab of the Individual’s Property Box, in the More column.

To add or edit Witnesses for any Fact, right-click anywhere in the Fact row and you will be offered a menu that includes Witnesses… as an option, to open the Witnesses Dialog.

Witnesses Dialog

Follow the instructions in the Help File at  Witnesses Dialog to add, edit or delete Witnesses for the selected Fact.

You can also add new Role Types for a Fact Type during this process. However, it is better to do this (especially if you use Narrative Sentences) using Tools > Fact Types, selecting the Fact Type in question and clicking the Edit… button, because this enables you to modify the Witness Sentence Template for the Fact.  Once again, see Witnesses Dialog for more information.

Important note: Witness Roles may be created by Ancestral Sources, or imported from other genealogy products. If this happens, you should check that the relevant Fact Type includes provision for the new Witness Roles in the Sentence Template for the Fact, and the Sentence Template for each of the Witness Roles. If you do not, you will get unexpected content in the Facts Tab and in reports.

Last update: 23 Feb 2024