What’s New in the Knowledge Base for Version 7 (WIP)

  • Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and New User
  • FH versions: V7
  • In Topics: FAQS 


Family Historian Version 7 has its own ‘What’s New’ details and we encourage you to read those, plus the Help file on the new and changed features]. However, some changes are significant enough that we’ve prepared some initial content on the changes. Clearly this is work in progress, so we’ll be updating this list for a while:

Working with Sources in Version 7

Sources and Citations in V7 (for New Users)

Sources and Citations in V7 (for Upgraders)

Customising V7 to use V6 (Simple) Style Sources

Adding and Customising Source Templates in Version 7

Exporting Templated Sources

Working with Facts

Fact Flags

Planning and Tracking Research

Research Notes and Private HashTags

Last update: 25 Dec 2020