View Both Spouses’ Ancestors in Diagrams


If you select only one Individual Record before viewing an Ancestors Diagram, or Ancestors & Descendants Diagram, or All Relatives Diagram then the Ancestors of only that person are displayed in the Diagram.

Often it is preferable to display the Ancestors of both partners in a Family couple, but it is not immediately obvious how to achieve that, especially for new users.

There are at least three methods to display all Family Ancestors.

Select Family Record

The simplest method is to use the Focus Window and select the blue marriage bar running across below the couple before selecting your diagram type.

Image shows Marriage Bar

Alternatively, you can select a family record, using the Records Window, however, your Records Window by default, may not have the Families tab displayed.

  • Now open the Records Window and select the Families tab.
  • Select the husband & wife’s Family Record and view your selected Diagram to get all ancestors included.

Select Both Spouses in a Diagram

  • In the Diagram select the husband’s box so it has 8 blue markers on the border.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key and similarly select the wife’s box, so both are selected.
  • While both boxes are selected, reselect the Diagram again and all ancestors will be included.

View Diagram Root Dialogue

This method only works in ƒh V5 or later.

  • Use View > Standard Diagram Types and make your choice of Diagram this will the bring up the Select Diagram Root dialogue

Showing the Select Diagram Type dialog box

  • Set Tree Root Type to Couple and in Root Couple choose Browse….
  • In Select Records select the Families tab and choose the husband & wife’s Family Record as above.
  • Click the “Add to Selection” button and then OK twice.
  • The Diagram will now display both spouses’ ancestors.
Last update: 03 Sep 2020