Removing Unwanted Relations


Sometimes unwanted family relations such as Spouses or Children are added by mistake, especially when using the Diagram drag method.

Before removing these unwanted links use File > Backup/Restore > Small Backup just in case something goes wrong.


The easiest place to make these corrections is the Focus Window introduced with V4.

unwanted relations
Unwanted relations

Right-click on each Individual on the left, starting with the Children, even if they are an [unnamed person], and the menu will offer Delete Record and Unlink Record.

If certain that the Individual Record can be unlinked AND DELETED then choose Delete Record.

Otherwise, choose Unlink Record and the Individual Record will be retained but unlinked from the Family.

If only one Individual needs to be repositioned, then note their Record Id beforehand, use Unlink Record, and finally add them back as a Child or Spouse or Parent where required using the noted Record Id.

Before removing a Spouse, click on the blue bar that runs across under both partners to open the Family record Property Box. Clear any Status or Note entries. Then on the Facts tab select each fact in turn and use the X Delete Fact button.

When the last relation is unlinked, usually a childless single parent, the Family will automatically vanish.

If the Family still exists with only one Spouse, then click on the blue bar underneath to open the Family record Property Box and on its All tab select each brown label on the left in turn and hit the Delete key.

Sometimes, just a single parent with children will remain and this can produce conflicting Diagram box presentations as discussed in the Related Forum Discussions.

Last update: 22 Feb 2024