Records Window

The Records Window is an excellent vehicle for Intermediate and Advanced users to quickly access all the information held within a Family Historian Project in a compact format, although it can be a little daunting for New Users.

You can choose which record lists to show by default using Tools > Preferences and navigating to the Records Window tab. (While there, you should also consider the other options available to you).  And if you want to view a particular list that isn’t visible by default, use View > Record Lists .

In most lists you can search and filter to narrow down the items presented; and go to a particular Record ID if you know it. There may also be additional options to configure the list’s behaviour. All these are explained in the Help file.

Customising Columns

One of the most powerful aspects of the records Window is the ability to configure the columns shown. Want to display the life dates for an Individual? Or their parents or their spouses to help distinguish between individuals with the same name, or women with no surname?  You can add columns to show exactly what you need.  See How to Customise or Print Records Window Columns.


Last update: 24 Feb 2024