Internet Data Matches


For details see the ƒh V6 book “Getting the Most From Family Historian” Chapter 13 Web Search, Web Hints & Web Clipping and also Automatic Internet Data Matching plus What is Automatic Internet Data Matching and FH V6.2 adds ‘hints’ for Findmypast. If no ‘hints’ appear then try to Refresh Automatic Internet Matching.

To obtain ‘hints’ for each Individual in the Project, they must be manually displayed in the Focus Window, but the ‘hints’ initially ignore whether related records have already been obtained.

Semi-automatic global searches can be performed using the Lookup Missing BMD Records and the Lookup Missing Census Facts plugins that can include any Individual and only search for missing records.

Record Matching

Internet data matches are available to automatically suggest matching records for Individuals at two sites. However, not all data sets of records are included in the searches.

Use the Tools > Preferences > Internet Data Matches settings to govern how ‘hints’ are presented for the two sites.

To maintain your account for either site, you must always use the same browser with cookies enabled. The internal Web Search Window only uses Internet Explorer, whereas the External Web Browser option will use your preferred browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), so login using the appropriate browser.

If the External Web Browser option is fine, but the internal Web Search Window is not, then ensure Internet Explorer Version 11 is installed, and if necessary use its cog menu Tools > Internet options > Advanced > Reset. Also run the Write Reg IE Shell Version plugin and check Version 11 is enabled.

The ƒh internal Web Search Window is forced to use Internet Explorer by Microsoft and an Edge browser replacement was only offered late in 2020. If the Web Search Window is unusable, the workaround is to use Internet > Internet Data Matches, and ensure Location to Display Matches is set to External Web Browser to invoke your default browser.


In the Web Search Window, to Sign in to FindMyPast, you must first Review a hint before the Sign In options are presented.

When you Sign In, even if you tick the Remember me box, you cannot remain signed in indefinitely, as it will expire after about a week, which is presumably a security feature. The Hints topic suggests how to adjust your browser LiveSession cookie to extend that expiry.

A known difficulty with FindMyPast is that you must have an appropriate subscription to be able to Review a hint before being able to Accept or Reject certain records. For example, if you have a Britain subscription, you cannot manage any Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand records, or if a 1 Month subscription, you cannot manage UK 1939 Register records (in 2016). See Wish List Ref 549 More options for Internet Data Matches and add your Vote. However, you can Reject any hint without a Review, but it does NOT go into the Reject list and so cannot be retrieved later.

If the Web Search Window appears pale, greyed-out, or fuzzy then try maximising its window, or click the ‘hint’ again; alternatively set the Location to Display Matches = External Web Browser and use your preferred browser. See Find My Past pale hints and Faint unreadable hints screen issue that mentions that Calico Pie are aware of a conflict with the embedded Web Search Window ~ Internet Explorer Shell and the FindMyPast web site.


In the Web Search Window, to Log in to MyHeritage, you must scroll to reveal the top right-hand corner of the web page.

User Credentials

You may have Family Historian installed on two PC and perform Internet Data Matches on both. The User Credentials ensure that if you confirm or reject a match on one PC, it will still appear to be confirmed or rejected when viewed from the other PC.

Use File > Import/Export > Export > User Credentials to save the FH User Credentials.fhcrd file on one PC, and use File > Import/Export > Export > User Credentials  to load that file on the other PC.

Alternatively, use the Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings Plugin to Backup on one PC, and Restore on other PC including the Registry Data Keys option.


The FindMyPast hints come from one of three website domains UK, Ireland or USA.

The default search domain is selected automatically depending on the ‘home location’ country settings of the computer:

Country Code
FindMyPast Website
United Kingdom
United States
any other


The default connection can be changed in one of two ways:

  1. Change the home location of the computer to the appropriate country code in Control Panel under Regional & Language Settings. This will require a computer reboot to take effect and it will apply to all the settings and applications on the computer.
  2. In Family Historian select the Tools > Preferences > Map Window tab and there change the Override Default Country Code to UK, IE, or US as appropriate. Family Historian needs to be restarted for this to take effect, but no other applications or settings on the computer will be affected. However, check the Help for that tab option, because it may also impact the auto-geocoding of latitude & longitude for Place records.
Last update: 22 Feb 2024