Family Tree Tips ~ Diagram Hyperlinks PDF

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, V6, and V7
  • In Topics: Creating a website 


An alternative way of navigating the website is to create a Family Historian Diagram PDF file, where each Individual Box has a Hyperlink to the Individual’s Web Page.

PDF files can be reliably opened on almost any computer, not just Windows PC. Then having found an Individual in the Diagram, a click on the Hyperlink immediately opens their featured Web Page.

Diagram Style and Content

The style and content of the Diagram should be kept very simple, but use colours for names and boxes to signify Gender, Living, etc.

The Diagram should only include Individuals that have featured pages on the website by using the same selection criteria as in Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 2 – Select Featured Individuals.

If the number of Individuals on the website is large, then more than one Diagram can be produced, perhaps one for each grandparent branch.

Each box should only display the Individual Name, maybe with Life Dates and the Hyperlink. The text scheme templates to achieve this are:

Life Dates: =LifeDates(,STD)
Hyperlink: =Text("" . RecordId() . ".html")

where is your website URL, which is followed by ind99.html that references the Individual page file, where 99 is the Record Id.

Similarly, for a Family Tree CD the following may work:

Hyperlink: =Text("file:///D:/data/ind" . RecordId() . ".html")

where D: is the CD/DVD drive letter,

However, it may be less effective, because it often invokes Adobe Reader Security Warnings that need to be bypassed for each Hyperlink click. Note that the path must NOT contain any space characters.

The Diagram PDF is added via the Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 4 – Add Items for Table of Contents using the Download option.

Last update: 03 Feb 2021