Entering Ages

  • Skill Level: New User
  • FH versions: V4, V5, V6, and V7
  • In Topics: Facts 

When you are entering the information from a source, you may find you have an Age to record; this will be the age of the Individual at the time the Event happened or the Attribute was true, according to the information in the Source(s) that you have.

When entering a Fact, you can:

  • Enter the Age in years in the Age: box; or
  • Invoke the Age Entry Assistant Dialog using the … Icon to the right of the Age field.
Age Entry Assistant

Child, Infant and Stillborn should be used if that is the term used by the relevant Source.

Otherwise, fill in the Age to the degree of precision that the Source provides.

If the Age a source specifies is improbable given the sequence of Facts around it, an ! will be added to it in the Facts Tab of the Property Box.

If you enter the Date for a fact, but not the age, the Facts Tab of the Property Box will show calculated Ages surrounded by (), e.g. (36-37) or (41).


Last update: 30 Jan 2021