Display long text such as Notes


In a Query Column or Records Window Column any long text such as Note fields and Text From Source fields are truncated at about 150 characters with an ellipsis …

This workaround will display the full text.


In the Column Expression use the =GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,1) function, because it does NOT truncate the text.

To allow for the possibility of multiple paragraphs, several such functions can be joined together:

=Text( GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,1) . " " . GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,2) . " " . GetParagraph(%INDI.NOTE2%,3) )

Just substitute whatever Data Reference is needed for the long text field required.

This technique also works in Diagrams and Reports but is rarely needed because long text fields are usually displayed in full.

The =GetLabelledText(%INDI.NOTE2%,"Label") function also does NOT truncate long text.

Last update: 30 Jan 2021