All Relatives Diagram

  • Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate, and New User
  • FH versions: V5, V6, and V7
  • In Topics: Diagram Types 

This diagram shows all blood relations & their spouses with respect to the selected Diagram Root person or couple.

So depending on the complexity of your family you may get different Diagrams for each Diagram Root chosen.

Despite its name, this does NOT always display all relatives of the root person. It only displays all blood relatives and their immediate spouses. That includes all direct ancestors, and direct descendants of those ancestors, such as cousins of the root person.

However, considering the spouses of blood relatives, the parents, siblings, or other spouses of those spouses are not included, even though they are members of the same family Pool.

In Version 7,The existing All Relatives diagram (still-supported) shows everyone that a given person (or couple) are directly related to. There is a new All Relatives + Indirect Relatives diagram shows everyone that they are directly related to, and everyone else that they are indirectly related to.

It can be rendered in any direction, but the classic style is top down.

All relatives diagram

Last update: 24 Feb 2024