Adding Media to Sources and Citations (Version 6 and below)


If you have an electronic copy of a Source (for example, a scanned or downloaded image or certificate, or a text document), you will find it helpful to link it to the associated Source (for Method 1) or Citation (for Method 2). Doing so will allow you to review the contents of the source quickly when necessary, and (if you wish) to include the source image in reports/websites.

Before you start adding Media to Sources and Citations, you should review the article on Multimedia File Formats to understand what file formats ƒh will handle internally; and note that only Image files are displayed in Diagrams and Reports.

If your Source document is a PDF, you are advised to convert it to one or more image files using a Graphics Package such as PDF to Image File Converter. If your Source document is a Text or Word Processing document, you might prefer to cut and paste the content into Text From Source.

Adding Media to Sources

If you use Method 1 (Splitting) you will normally choose to add the Media to the Source rather than the Citation.

  1. Select the Source to which you want to add media and open the Source’s Property Box:
    • either add Add > Source… if you’re creating a new Source; or
    • from the Source List accessed via View > Record Lists > Sources if you want to add Media to an existing Source; or
    • via the Go To Source Record button in the Sources pane in a Property Box (e.g Individual Property Box).
  2. In the Source Property Box, select the Media tab.
  3. Here you can:
    • (V6) Drag and Drop (V6) one or more media files into the Media Window.
      • You’ll be asked to specify the location for the media files
      • If you’re only adding a single file, you’ll be asked to specify a name to save it with. Multiple files will keep their existing names.
    • (All versions) Use the Add Media button to create a new Media record (Insert from File) or Link to Existing Media Record.
        • If you Insert from File, you’ll be asked to specify the location for the media file, and a name to save it with.
        • If you Link to Existing Media Record, you’ll be prompted to identify the Media Record.
        • If your Source consists of more than one file, repeat for every file.

Adding Media to Citations

This will most often apply to Method 2 (Lumping).

  1. In an Individual’s Property Box, select the Fact for which you want to add Media to a Citation.
  2. In the corresponding Source Pane, select the Source and click the Media button to view the Media for Citation dialog.
  3. Ensure you have Citation Media enabled, not Source Record Media.
  4. Drag and drop media files into the dialog, or add them one by one using the Add Media for Citation… button. You’ll be prompted for a location for the files, and (if adding a single file) a file name.
  5. The Add Media for Citation… button will also allow you to Link to Existing Media Record…)
  6. This dialog is another way you could add Media to a Source Record, by selecting that action instead.


Last update: 09 Oct 2020