Pedigree Chart – 4 Gens – Ahnentafel

This Four Generations Pedigree Chart with Record Id and Ahnentafel Numbers has connector boxes to the left and right to identify adjacent charts, but it requires ƒh V6 or later. The main requirement is that the root Individual with Ahnentafel Number 1 must be the current File Root. Also the left-hand connector box is only correct if the pedigree child is one of the first 9 children, but this could be extended, or manually overridden where necessary. The associated Diagram Text Scheme and left-hand Text Box expressions could easily be applied to other diagram layouts.

User Guide

Start by selecting the File Root Individual and use View > Custom Diagram Types > Pedigree Chart – 4 Gens – Ahnentafel. The resulting diagram may need its main boxes resizing as preferred, but take care not to enlarge the right-hand connector boxes unnecessarily. It should then be saved as a Family Historian Chart perhaps with Ahnentafel Number 1 in its name.

  1. Next select each right-hand connector box in turn, and repeat the above process, but put the left-hand Ahnentafel Number in the chart name. Repeat selecting the right-hand connector boxes in subsequent diagrams until none exist.
  2. Thereafter, use View > Saved Charts to view and perhaps print them. They should automatically adapt to new data, but may need the use of expansion buttons to include new ancestor pedigree boxes.


Download: Pedigree Chart – 4 Gens – Ahnentafel