Kinsfolk Census Done Table

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Individual Queries 

This query evolved from the earlier Census – The Missing Years download.

Kinsfolk Census Done Table lists Individuals with a complete set of UK Census Events from 1841 to 1939.

Not only must a Census Event exist but it must have exactly the correct Date for the year.

    • It shows n/a in the results where an Individual is “not alive” at the Census date, or shows the Date from the Census Event for that year, but leaves it blank where a Census is missing.
    • It considers Individual Census events and Family Census (family) events for the first 4 families.
    • Entries are sorted by the DoB# birth day number column, because the Date columns sort as text not dates.
    • The Birth Date, Marriage Date & Death Date cells are all prefixed with a space character, so if exported to a spreadsheet the dates are retained as text, because dates earlier than 1900 are often not supported.
    • People who have no Birth date, or died before the 1841 Census, or were born after the 1939 Register are not listed.
    • Birth and Death dates are derived from actual Birth, Baptism, Christening, Death, Burial & Cremation dates, or the key dates of close relatives, and the Tools > Preferences > Estimates.
    • When no actual Birth or Death date exists, then an estimated date is shown prefixed with tilde (~)

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Author: MikeTate Version: 1.3 Date: 19 Jan 2019

Download: Kinsfolk Census Done Table